● Cardboard- CORRUGATED ONLY- and brown paper bags—not waxed
● PAPER- newspaper, office/school paper, junk mail (glossy or not), magazines
● EMPTY BOTTLES with or without lids- Please rinse
● Please separate Plastic #1’s: Water bottles, pop bottles (any color)
● Plastic #2’s: Milk, detergent, juice, fabric softener
● ALUMINUM—cans and CLEAN foil—these don’t stick to a magnet
● TIN—vegetable, prepared foods, pet food— these DO stick to a magnet- please rinse

● All paper products (including toilet paper) go in trash next to toilet. It is a septic system that is susceptible to clogging with these items.
● Do not flush feminine hygiene products in the toilet.
● Only use biodegradable soaps, shampoos, and conditioners in shower.
● Cleaning products provided to clean sink area as needed.

The grounds are a sacred space for prayer encompassing temples, resident wildlife, and Sacred Beings of the Land. We invite Visitors to help us maintain the serenity and integrity by observing the following practices during their stay.

● Please keep voices and language respectful and mindful of positive vibrations.
● We encourage Visitors to orient themselves to the space by walking around
the land to offer prayers.
● Keep all stones, feathers, plants, or other objects of nature on the land.
● Allow the wildlife to eat only what is provided for them and not any food meant for human consumption.
● As offerings of prayer and sacred herbs are encouraged please use the
cornmeal and herbs provided at the Gathering.
● Fires are only allowed in designated areas.
● Please step over any sacred geometry stones.
● There is a no-smoking and no-alcohol or illegal drugs policy in affect at The Gathering at all times. None of these substances are allowed on the premises.

The Chi Center is a desert terrain in which visitors should be aware of unique characteristics of this area to keep safe and make their time enjoyable.

● Estancia is located at an elevation of 6483 feet. Visitors are encouraged to bring their own water bottles to stay well-hydrated.
● If you walk on the grassy part of the grounds, please note that the terrain is very uneven with many divots and low lying cactus. Use proper shoes that provide stability and protection for the feet.
● Please do not smudge in the grassy areas as the terrain is dry and vulnerable to catching fire.