The Chi Center is located in the majestic high desert of Central New Mexico, just 20 minutes South of Santa Fe in Galisteo, NM.  This beautiful 79-acre resort, originally Vista Clara Ranch Spa Resort, boasts breathtaking views of New Mexico’s landscape, the dazzling sunsets over the western mountains, and expansive and true darkness that reveals the Milky Way on the many clear nights. As soon as you arrive you can feel the same healing energy of the land that the native people of this area have been feeling for thousands of years.

 “This will be a unique environment for connecting to inner wisdom and healing. There will be nothing like it in the North America; people will come from all over the world for healing, transformation and awakening.”

Master Mingtong Gu, founder of the Chi Center

The vision of the Chi Center

Support of Energy Practice

A place that energetically supports the expansion and integration of all wisdom traditions and wellness modalities, bridging the practical and spiritual, personal and social, inner and outer.

A Place of Healing & Transformation

A dedicated place for people to learn and practice self care, self healing and self empowering systems of Wisdom traditions.

Empowerment of Professionals

A place for leaders and teachers of all wisdom traditions, health and wellness organizations, and other professional communities to nourish and recharge their own bodies, hearts, and minds

A Portal for Global Community

A physical portal for connecting people globally, through state of the art communication technologies and wisdom practice, dedicated to healing of ourselves and healing of our world.

Manifestation of a future vision

Starting with this gathering for humanity in May 2018, we envision and committed to create this dome for 500+ people to host all future “Gathering for Humanity” with world indigenous grandmothers, worldwide ancient and contemporary wisdom keepers, musician and artists, visionary leaders, young generations as well as elders. One of the vision is to show case through high tech presentation, the artistic and spiritual vision of the sacred earth and mystery of the universe.

Rendering photo of Compassion Dome